Do I have to go up a dose?

Not necessarily – talk to your doctor and find out! No doses were studied for results except 5mg, 10mg & 15mg. The 2.5mg dose is a loading dose, used in the titration schedule to help patients adjust with less adverse GI events.


However, know that A1C improvements and weight loss all improved in a dose-dependent way. The biggest results came from the higher doses.


“Five Phase 3 SURPASS (S) trials have demonstrated safety and shown robust efficacy of TZP in improvement of glycaemic control and body weight (BW) in adults with T2D.…All TZP doses (5, 10, 15 mg) lowered BW in patients with T2D irrespective of baseline BMI in both subgroups (p<0.001) . The weight reductions were generally dose-dependent and absolute weight change was generally greater in higher BMI categories. TZP-treated patients with T2D experienced weight loss across a spectrum of mean baseline BMI values in S-1 through -5 studies. The most frequent adverse events were GI-related events that were mild to moderate in severity and occurred during the dose-escalation period.”