What else is being developed in this class of drugs similar to Mounjaro?

Triple Agonists:



Dorzagliatin: Drug That Can “Cure” Diabetes



“Subcutaneous dosing every third day for 4 weeks in diabetic db/db mice of HISHS-30at 3 and 20 nmol/kg reduced HbA1c, body weight, triglycerides and glucagon levels robustly and markedly more than tirzepatide (Table) .Treatment with HISHS-30also led to an increase in serum and liver Fibroblast Growth Factor-21 (FGF-21) levels vs. tirzepatide. In conclusion, HISHS-30is a potent, long acting GIP/GLP-1/glucagon tri-receptor agonist, with higher effects on glucose homeostasis and metabolic biomarkers in diabetic mice than tirzepatide.”

Effects of a Novel Long-Acting GIP/GLP-2/Glucagon Trireceptor Agonist, HISHS-3001, on HbA1c, Body Weight, and Lipid Metabolism

Diabetes, June 2022



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