Will Mounjaro work even if I don’t go on a diet?

Potentially for some things, yes. Better results come from diet and exercise. And in diabetes, it is a condition that can get worse. Do yourself favors and make it easier on your body by reading up on and adopting good nutritional habits. People on Mounjaro report anecdotally that it is easier to follow through with dietary decisions, as it takes away some cravings and hunger.


“This study showed overall benefits on glucose and weight lowering, similar to previous phase 2 studies in non‐Japanese participants. In this study, there was also a dose‐dependent association between increased tirzepatide dose and reduced meal intake, suggesting decreased hunger in Japanese participants with T2D. GLP‐1 receptor agonists stimulate satiety and decrease food intake. Likewise, tirzepatide has been shown to suppress food intake and body weight in preclinical studies. In the current study, we found a decreasing trend in fullness (the physical sensation of how much the stomach is filled with food), and no difference in appetite scores among treatment groups. Typically, decreased food intake results in decreased fullness and hence increased hunger; however, tirzepatide appears to decrease the hunger sensation even when the stomach is not filled with food. Interestingly, satiety (the psychological satisfaction of meal intake) appears not to be changed with tirzepatide, even with decreased meal intake and the physical sensation of fullness. Our data support the hypothesis that tirzepatide has effects on hunger and/or the psychological sensation of satiety separate to that induced by physical input from the stomach for meal ingestion, which may result in long‐term effects on meal intake, as reported by the AE of decreased appetite.”

A phase 1 multiple‐ascending dose study of tirzepatide in Japanese participants with type 2 diabetes

Diabetes Obesity and Metabolism, February 2022