The Caretakers were female Lanai who lived on Ahch-To and attended to the ancient Jedi test village on the planet, which housed the first Jedi Temple. They considered it their religious duty to maintain the temple island’s ancient structures and to care for those who travelled to their isolated world seeking the truth.

They led simple, unassuming lives and wore white robes with matching headdresses. The Caretakers were led by their matron, Alcida-Auka.

They tolerated the presence former Jedi Master Luke Skywalker as his impact on them was [minimal] and courteous, but were less than enamoured with the visiting Rey, who they found detrimental to their attempts to keep the island in good shape.

After Rey blasted a hole in the hut she was staying in, two Caretakers fussed over trying to repair the damage and lambasted the young woman in their odd language.

Later, Alcide-Auka and another Caretaker were pushing a wheelbarrow along a cliff path when the cart was obliterated by a falling rock pillar which Rey had sliced off with her lightsaber, leaving the matron holding the wheelbarrow’s handles.

Guessing who must have been responsible, the two Lanais glared up at her exasperatedly, and she replied with a sheepish smile.

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